The Boujee Auntie Brand is to curate and craft Luxury experiences by showing the world with A forward- thinking , Social Presence, and Representation that despite what society portrays; Black Women can continue to thrive freely with no judgment.

A quality feel. Versatile in color palettes and tones. Extent for all body shapes and sizes. Just admit it, the work from home attire you've been waiting for.

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Boujee Girls Read

Hey boo Hey!! I'm She She... Chile.... I'm so glad you're here. To be honest with you I have always wanted to create a place for Black Women to just BE!!!! I believe in helping black women to recognize OUR worth and live it every day on our own terms no matter what level of Boujee you exemplify. As the Founder of the Boujee Auntie, my goal is to make the brand a household name . I'm excited about the explosive organic growth of women who have found their place in our amazing community.

To new beginnings and Boujee memories!

-TBA Team and She She